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AUToPipe: Automatic Ultrasonic Testing of Pipes

AUToPipe is an inspection automation system for ultrasonic NDE of line pipes. The system can be customized to various diameter ranges and lengths (6-26 inch diameter and 12 m length typical) and can be programmed to perform both full volume (API-5L) and clad bonding inspection (API-5LD).

The system is capable of defect detection thresholds better than demanded by pipeline standards such as ASTM E578. The number of ultrasonic acquisition channel electronics can be tailored to deliver inspection speeds ranging from 15cm per min to 200cm per minute of 12 inch diameter pipes with full surface coverage.

AUToPipe cartable offers a portable workstation with a small motion system to test small lengths of pipe (up to about 12 inches) from the end as an x-ray replacement scan system for pre welding inspection of beveled or finished ends.

AUToPipe produces developed surface c-scan images of the pipe under inspection and contains interactive software to locate and size indications and classify them as required by the end users acceptance standards.


  • UT electronics 
    • Socomate USPC series Ultrasonics cards with optional multiplexers or remote pulsers
    • Computer interfaced quadrature counters for motion indexing 
    • Real time synchronization of position and Ultrasonics data 
    • Optional preamplifiers and proprietary noise isolation electronics o Premium Teflon cabling 
  • Probe head  
    •  Standard or custom designed and engineered probes with bespoke defect thresholds and sensitivity 
    • Irrigated probes for coupling and wear plates for contact testing 
    • Pipe following push down mechanism 
    • Edge of pipe detection sensors 
    • Shear wave probes for full volume inspection (clockwise and anti-clockwise) 
    • Split crystal normal probes for lamination and de-bonding defects 
    • Typical design for 10mm-75mm thick pipes with 1mm-15mm clad depth 
    • Shear wave inspection on post clad pipes possible 
  • Software suite with separate modules for 
    • Testing, configuration and calibration 
    • Post processing for C-Scan generation 
    • Analysis of C-Scan maps for indication sizing and classification, coupling, and data completeness 
    • Report generation and data storage and retrieval  
  • Independent real time motion control software with independent or single display
    • Formatted customized html report 
    • Time and installation tagged tamper proof raw data file storage for data integrity 
    • Offline version of software provided for processing, analysis and report generation offsite with original data file 
  • Mechanics and motion control 
    •  High accuracy indexed motion (both rotation and linear)  
    • Real time closed loop feedback 
    • Spiral scanning path control with automatic start and end of pipe detection
      • Optional raster scan on end of pipe scanner  
    • CNC type motion control system with pre-programmed test cycle and manual inching operations 
    • Heavy duty engineering designed for typically a max pipe load of 10-15 tons 
    • Pipe diameters 6in to 30in (typical) 
    • Pipe length 3m – 12m (typical) 
    • Foundation drawings and site requirements provided 
    • Standard crane loading design or optional fork lift loadable design
    • Turnkey deliverables include consulting for site installation viz. power, pressurized air, water cycling and storage and electrical earthing and isolation including isolation transformers selection and incorporation.